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How to get to

Five Flowers

We hereby indicate the easiest way to get to our Five Flowers Hotel. Select a category.

  • By plane

    Formentera does not have an airport, therefore, to get to Formentera the easiest route is taking a plane to Ibiza island, and from there, catching the ferry to Formentera.

  • By boat

    The only way to get to the island of Formentera is via the ferries that leave from Ibiza island. You can get a boat to Ibiza from any of the other islands or from mainland Spain, in Dénia.

  • By car

    If you weren't able to bring your own car on the boat, there are many rent a car business in Formentera, where you can rent a vehicle at a great price. Getting to our hotel is pretty easy.

  • By scooter

    Formentera is the island of scooters. The marvellous climate and the island's size make it the ideal place to travel by scooter. You can easily get to our hotel renting one from one of the numerous rent-a-car businesses on the island.

  • By taxi

    You may also get to the hotel by taxi. If you are coming from the port, there is a taxi stop right outside the entrance. You just have to let the taxi driver know that you are staying at our hotel. They'll surely know where it is.

We hope to see you soon at Five Flowers Hotel & Spa Formentera